The Sony A7R III is the very well-balanced Sony camera so far, offering a compelling mix of resolution, size and speed which also makes it one of the best cameras that we have ever reviewed, be that mirrorless or DSLR camera.

SONY A7R III Review and Prices

Sony’s aggressive method of launching many new cameras every 18 months has certainly paid dividends with the Sony A7R III, which builds on the strong foundations of the Mark II version by incorporating the majority of the current flagship Sony A9s standout features, together with some of its own. Even though it can not match the A9 concerning sheer shooting rate, the Sony A7R III’s 10fps style is more than fast enough for most situations and most photographers, particularly given the substantial 42 megapixel resolution that is on offer.

We have utilized the Sony A7R III for shooting sports, at night, on the road, and only generally as a carry everywhere camera, and it is excelled at almost everything. Sure, there are some things that we would still like to see improved, most notably the complex menu system, restricted touchscreen performance and unintuitive Imaging Edge applications for pixel change conversions, but that record is noticeably smaller compared to most new cameras.

Cheap SONY A7R III for Sale and Video Review

With rumors abounding that Canon and Nikon will eventually join the severe mirrorless celebration in earnest this year, Sony have jumped their gun by releasing a camera that is just better than its direct competitors, be they mirrorless or DSLR Camera. If the Big Two do really launch full-frame compact system cameras, they’ve certainly got a great deal of catching-up to perform to match the Sony A7R III, never mind beat it. 2018 could definitely be an interesting year in the high-end camera marketplace.