If you’re looking for ‘budget friendly’ DSLR Cameras For Landscapes Photography, for approximately half of the price of these two cameras mentioned previously (NIKON D850 and Sony a7R III), you might get your hands on a Pentax K-1. Resolution from its Full Frame 36MP detector is slightly lower compared to Nikon and Sony, but nevertheless excellent. Dynamic range is also strong.

Cheap DSLR Cameras For Landscapes Photography Pentax K-1

Weather-sealed and comfortable to shoot with, the K-1’s build quality is reassuringly strong. Plus its ‘cross-tilt’ LCD screen can be used for low or higher angle shooting. The camera delivers a pixel shift mode, such as the Sony, but executes it in a manner that contributes to more usable pictures (less delay between shots, which means less chance for motion). It also features a 5-axis stabilized sensor.

Overall, the attractively-priced Pentax K-1 offers impressive features that will make static and landscape spectacle shooters rejoice, but anybody relying on autofocus for rapid action or toddler photography could be let down. Quality full-frame lens availability is also an issue for this particular camera: brand new lenses are few and expensive, but if you’re an existing Pentax shooter you will delight in the ability to use all your new and old K-mount lenses.