The NIKON D3400 also supplies built-in, always-connected Bluetooth LE connectivity to (gradually) transfers pictures to a mobile device, but Wi-Fi is not contained in that package.

NIKON D3400 Cameras Prices and Reviews for beginners

The NIKON D3400 ‘s simplified interface will be familiar to some Nikon user, and must be simple to grasp for anyone stepping up from a point-and-shoot camera. The more experienced photographer might not love the sum of menu navigation and button pressing required to alter settings, however, since the camera offers just 1 control dial. The NIKON D3400 has the exact same rather small optical viewfinder and 3″ LCD display found in the NIKON D3300.

The D3400 can record whole HD video at around 60p. The detail and smooth frame rate yield an excellent end-product and the new AF motors found in the kit lenses have removed the engine noise and focusing frustrations that made shooting video an ordeal in its predecessor. It’s a fantastic result for an entry-level camera not especially aimed at video shooting.

NIKON D3400 Reviews for beginners

Its small size and weight make the NIKON D3400 a terrific choice for a family camera or traveling companion. We give a small edge to the SL2 using its exceptional Live View experience and flip-out LCD for our money, but the NIKON D3400 will suit a newcomer who is likely toward Nikon and favors a slightly larger body with more substantial grip.