The Canon EOS M100 is your business’s entry-level mirrorless camera. Despite its low cost, this EF-M-mount camera includes a contemporary feature set, such as Canon’s well-established 24MP APS-C sensor and Double Pixel autofocus system. It is clearly targeted toward the newcomer crowd, using a straightforward interface and selfie-friendly touchscreen display.

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners

The EOS M100 employs the exact same Dual Pixel autofocus system as other contemporary Canon interchangeable lens cameras. Using a touchscreen makes locking on a subject simple, and you can also use it to ‘stand focus’ while shooting video. The M100 can take bursts around 6.1 fps (or 4 fps with continuous AF, though monitoring is sub-par).

Picture quality is close indistinguishable to other Canon models with this detector, which means JPEGs have good colour rendition and low levels of noise. We have found JPEGs to be little soft straight from the camera, though some simple adjustments can cure that. Raw files have low sound levels and a good deal of detail, though its dynamic range lags behind the top of the contest.

We think that it’s also a safe to say that video quality will be just fine for many purposes. 4K would be fine, but Canon has not even made that leap on its mid sized DSLRs yet.

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Cameras Prices and Reviews

As we mentioned in our whole review we find the M100 just plain fun to use. It provides some of the best picture quality you can get at a camera this size, and its easy interface makes it a wise choice in the budget class. Whether you’re trying to get into photography along with your first ‘real’ camera, or taking a look at the M100 (and the EF-M 22mm pancake) as a pocketable second camera, you will not be disappointed.