Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 has a robust spec list and it’s a great deal to offer both enthusiast videographers and photographers, and features such as a tilting touch-sensitive display, quick autofocus with subject monitoring and built in electronic viewfinder make the GX85 a compelling package in this price range.

Moreover, a redesigned electromagnetic shutter has solved the perennial ‘shutter shock’ problems that have plagued many preceding M43 cameras, which can be fantastic to see.

Cheap Vlogger Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC GX85

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 is not a huge camera, which means you can not mind the absence of a beefy hand grip. Controls are laid out and provide a fantastic deal of customization, and the touchscreen brings a good deal of value. It gives touch-to-focus, where you tap the screen to move your focal point, in addition to Trackpad AF, which lets you use the display to move the point around while your eye is to the viewfinder. On the downside, there is no weather sealing, the buttons may feel small for those who have larger hands, and the back dial is a bit difficult to manipulate. But those problems aside, the GX85 largely feels and handles like a superior, well-thought outside merchandise.

Although the GX85 utilizes a contrast-detection autofocus system, it uses Panasonic’s latest AF technologies for very fast overall performance. The subject tracking also functions nicely, and will be helpful for both stills and video shooters. Power-on is swift, shot-to-shot times are brief, and pops are written to the card quickly.

It’s the first camera capable of Double IS while shooting complete 4K video, meaning sensor-shift picture stabilization and in-lens optical stabilization work in tandem to smooth out your own clips. In addition to that, the quality is great, with higher bit rates and output. Additionally, it supplies zebra warnings, concentrate peaking and magnification as additional video catch aids. If sound for video is an important consideration, be aware there’s not any mic input nor headphone output for level tracking.

Vlogger Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC GX85 Review

Although the 16MP sensor in the GX85 does not add any resolution above the majority of its direct peers, it will omit an anti-aliasing filter, which gives it a small edge over previous 16MP Panasonics. The JPEG color is not our favorite and we find that they are normally a bit aggressive with sound reduction, but shooting in Raw mode yields great results. Despite its collapsible design, the conventional 12-32mm kit lens is sharp.

The GX85 packs a good deal of technology into a small package that nonetheless offers users lots of customizable external controllers and among the greatest touchscreen interfaces on the market. The absence of an anti-aliasing filter guarantees better fine detail in your pictures, and also the optional kit zoom lens is really sharp. All told, the GX85 provides a good feature set at a really competitive price for both video and photo enthusiasts alike.